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Relevant Links to check out

Christian Apologetics

J.P. Holding's Tektonics site is a veritable mountain of detailed information on numerous Biblical issues. He doesn't tackle the scientific side of the issue so don't e-mail him asking for scientific information pertaining to Noah's Flood. 

Glenn Miller's Christian Think Tank, a good friend of Holding and contains a wealth of detailed information as well. Check out the Hallway of Questions

Professor Shandon Guthrie, Christian Philosopher

Dr. William Lane Craig, one of the eminent Christian Philosophers of today

Apologetics Press contains a massive amount of information, some of it not as detailed as it could be, but definitely worth a look

The Watchman Fellowship has an article or two on just about anything you're researching. A massive index with everything from the Aaronic Order to the Zodiac.

Conservative Media--Some organizations that will give you some logical analysis, contrary to the liberal spin cycle

ConservativeSpine: A blog started by a friend of mine from YouTube. Check it out! This is his YouTube channel.

The Radio Equalizer--Brian Maloney's conservative (and very entertaining) blog. He hammers Franken on a regular basis too

Expose the Left--Refuting and documenting the on-air (and printed) tirades of the loony left, with a dash of humor to boot

WorldNetDaily--A free press for a free people. A myriad of information and today's most important news issues

Union Facts--Exposing the lies and pablum of those crazy union monkeys. Big union labor, big problems. Pass the National Right to Work Act

Reason Foundation--Free minds and free markets 

The Competitive Enterprise Institute--A Conservative Think Tank advancing liberty from the economy to ecology

Kyle C's Conservative Christian web endeavor--a good friend of mine, a true patriot and Reagan Conservative 

Rush Limbaugh needs no introduction, the man who was the forerunner for Conservative Talk Radio; has a massive amount of information in his Essential Stack of Stuff

Mark Levin, "The Great One." This man will educate you, especially in the area of economics.

The man who is arguably the apex of the blogosphere, Matt Drudge--Make sure you visit the Archives too

Sean Hannity is currently the #2 in the number of listeners, second only to Rush. My main criticisms of him are: He supports Bush and some of his "moderate" policies too much and sometimes it turns into an interview show and the analysis gets lost in an endless line of guests

Michael Savage is very brazen and to the point, if you get offended easily by the truth, turn him off. Although I don't necessarily agree with him on everything (or the way he goes about it) he isn't one of those "moderate" Republicans who falls in line with President Bush no matter what policy he introduces. Coined the phrase, "Liberalism is a mental disorder," and he's correct

Best looking conservative talk show host around, Laura Ingraham. Very witty and intelligent, sometimes spends a little too much time trying to be comedic, but worth a look. Also makes fun of Al Gore on a daily basis (which isn't too hard, every time he gets in front of a mic he makes a fool of himself) which is a plus.

Citizens Against Government Waste--The name says it all, a watchdog group that alerts the taxpayers to the numerous pork-spending projects our government indulges in. It's only your money!

The Heritage Foundation--A Washington D.C. based think tank promoting conservative government. They don't back a certain party, only those individuals who are conservatives. They admit they're conservative too, no hiding behind the milquetoast, "we're centrists and we need more moderates" rubbish. Also see their newest endeavor.

Frank Walton's Conservative Christian blog--Lots of interesting stories and analysis, updated daily. Of particular interest is how the Infantile Guy deals with those who oppose him. Why attack the message when you can attack the messenger? Finley thoroughly marginalizes himself and for that we thank him.  

The Conservative Caucus--Keeping you up to date on contemporary issues such as Illegal Immigration, the Supreme Court, the Abortion debate and much more

Opinion Journal, part of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page has a myriad of articles featuring some fresh conservative commentary with new information added daily, same as the above, only better. Subscribing to their "What's New" e-mail newsletter is definitely worth it

Brent Bozell's Media Research Center is for those liberal idiots who sit there straight-faced and ask, "What liberal media bias?"

Accuracy in Media, doing what the mainstream media used to do, report the news

Boycott Liberalism, also for those spineless libs who think the N.Y. Times and CNN are doing their jobs. Check out their sections on Dan Blather and Bill Mahr, two of the most incompetent leftists ever to walk the earth

One of the few newspapers left who haven't sold their souls to liberalism, The Washington Times

Times Watch, uncovering every biased and inaccurate story printed by the N.Y. Times

Ann Coulter, a staunch conservative not afraid to trade barbs with and stand up to the militant socialist leftists

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, exposing the loony left for who they are

News Max, sign up for their e-mail newsletters and/or magazine and you'll be armed the next time some liberal starts running their mouth at work ;) Check out the Archives and drink up

Human Events, news you won't hear or see anywhere else

The American Center for Law and Justice, keeping checks on those rabid leftists at the ACLU who spit on our Constitution

Exposing the Environmentalist kooks, Animal Rights wackos and Gun Control communists

The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change has a myriad of peer-reviewed scientific literature debunking the generalized hysteria of the Global Warming "Chicken Littles." Requires a yearly fee for access but trust me, I have subscribed and it is worth it!

The Cooler Heads Coalition--Exposing the unscientific and political motives of the Global Warming socialist lot

Fish Scam--Refuting the misinformation coming from the animal rights whackos on consumption of fish and mercury levels

Crime Strike--A plethora of true stories where ordinary citizens exercise their Second Amendment rights against criminals

The NRA--Protecting the Second Amendment rights of gun owners/advocates all over these United States

Creationism/Intelligent Design

Timothy Wallace's True Origin, a rational alternative to the unscientific empiricism of the pseudo-philosophers in the naturalist camp

The Discovery Institute has numerous articles refuting the macroevolutionary scenario and those who cry, "argument from incredulity" just to avoid a detailed discussion (well what else can they do?)

Revolution Against Evolution has a plethora of articles/essays exposing the erroneous philosophy and science of the Darwinist camp

Lambert Dolphin has a Library full of useful and interesting information, some relating to ID some not

Origins, challenging the Darwinist Philosophy masquerading as science. Most definitely worth a look!

Exposing the lies and propaganda of of various liberal idiots, like Michael Moore 

Jason Clarke and David Hardy--Co-authors of Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man dissect the Fat Man

Dave Kopel--Refuting the many lies of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

MooreWatch--Watching Michael Moore's every move

Stop the ACLU--The ACLU is so out-of-sorts they're almost beyond parody, but this site does a great job. Exposing the leftist, anti-relgious, anti-Christian agenda of the ACLU

FrankenLies--Dave Pierre's research-based (for liberals this means they didn't copy their responses from some kook blog, which copied it from the N.Y. Times, which copied it from the 7-11 bathroom attendant, who got it from "a reliable source.") rebuttals to Al Frankenstein's "best" writings

Olbermann Watch--Reality-based news for the belligerently uninformed. A blog dedicated to refuting the many lies of Keith Olbermann

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and the 9/11 Truth Movement

Corrected By Reality--Refuting 9/11 Truthers and exposing the numerous holes in 9/11 conspiracy theories. This group of videos relating to Building 7 are particularly interesting

Screw Loose Change--Refuting 9/11 Truthers and making fun of them in the process

Journal of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories--A plethora of techical articles delving into the details and exposing the flaws in those conspiracy theories

Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report--Picks apart each "claim" made by the 9/11 conspiracy crowd and supplants it with the facts